South Coast NSW – Norwa & Tathra Mountain Bike Trails

Impressive Bike Skills

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Rolling with Clover – Cycling Sydney City

Community organised ride to support Cycle Friendly facilities in and around Sydney City! Clover Moore turned up with some friendly words to start the ride!

Clover Moore Speech

Trent Renshaw - Cyclist

Active Cyclist - Townhall Sydney

Amy’s Grand Fondo – Lorne Australia – 120km Road Race

Date – 18.09.2011

Amy’s Gran Fondo was an ultimate road cycling challenge! The first competitive mass participation event conducted in Australia on a fully closed circuit. Riders raced for UWCT qualification, against their age group peers, for overall line honours, or in my case a fantastic adventure with my best mate Trent Renshaw.

The race departed from Lorne, Victoria and along the majestic Great Ocean Road, for 44 kms down towards Apollo Bay then up to Mount Sabine for the KOM Challenge. Through the rainforests and open woodlands of the Colac and Otway Shires and finish with the final climb to the top of Benwerrin. The 120km race full of pumping hills, twisty turns and fast descents to finish back into Lorne.

Amys Grand Fondo 2011 - Race Map

Grand Fondo Results

Jeeten Fondo Images – compliments of Epsom Ad Studios

Jeeten Wheelie - Mount Sarbine, Victoria - KOM Challenge

Trents Fondo Images – compliments of Epsom Ad Studios

Mt Sabine - Road Bike Wheelie - Amys Grand Fondo 2011 - Victoria, Australia

Wandandian Downhill MTB Track – Nowra

Date – 28 August 2011

Downhill Mountain Bike Track (SUV or 4wd access only) – hidden away in the forest, with very little use. The builders of the track where riding who mentioned, we are the only people they’ve seen here in two years. The track was covered in leaf and stick, due to its low usage. But, all the work and effort, these riders have done a good job. Jumps, berms, drops, rock gardens, ladder crossings, pallet jumps, double jumps, all surrounded in beautiful green, fresh surroundings.

Located about 20mins past Nowra – when you enter Wandean rd, take the first left and follow for about 15 minutes (don’t turn right) until you get to the sign that is pictured below. Turn right until you start to climb steeply, there is a left turn, which takes you to the start of the Downhill Track. If you get to the sandstone cliffs, you’ve gone too far! Its only about 200mtrs from the drop zone (off load your the bikes) to the cliffs. You can take that left and drive another 100 meters and park the car, however there is a deep water crossing, so it might be deep? Since downhill riding needs shuttle runs, drop the bikes there.

Follow that trail down, past the deep water crossing, and to the right until you see the trail opening.

Wandanidian Downhill Track Map

Turn right at this sign to the top of the Downhill Track

Right at this sign to the top of the Downhill Track

This is the three ways - Left= bottom of the downhill track | Right= top of downhill track middle= bush

Downhill Riders Paul, Chris and Justin

Sutherland Shire Cycling Club – Short Course MTB race – 27 August 2011

Date – 27 August 2011

Eight laps of Waratah Park’s 400-500mtr twisty, tight, leafy, fast and jumping track. Did i mention the berms? Yes, there are plenty of them. Great track to practice, jumping, pumping, rolling, cornering, and mountain biking.

What seemed a lazy sprint into the first corner, turned out to be fast race. I started in second for the first three laps, until I bumped a tree and got pushed over by three passing riders at the same time. So, i finished last! This didn’t dampen my spirits, i had a Awesome time!

The kids races where the best, very skillful! Some might even become pro’s later on in life? Hopefully, drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, the night club scene and what ever other negative influences don’t take over their life!

Short Course MTB (Disco Night) Sat 27th August 2011

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Love this bridge – Pyrmont Bridge, Darling Harbour

Sydney Monorail – Farewell Party was today (30 JUNE 2013)! The picture i once took, is going to look slightly different in the next few months. Although, i’ll miss it, i really was a waste to this city. Only traveled in one direction, was slow, and expensive.


CORC – 3.3 2011/2012 Club XC Series


Date – 23.7.2011

Traveled to Canberra to ride Mt Stromlo, and race in CORC’s local mountain bike ride. Called XC 3.3 organised by Kris Nicholls.
With the heavy downpour of rain Sydney had received that week, the local mtb trails would be off limits. I had originally planned to train for the Three Ring Circus at Mt Annan Botanic Gardens. Fortunately, traveling to Canberra is always a pleasure.

Weather was perfect, however Mt Stromlo was very dry and loose under the tires. Wasn’t prepared to lower my tire pressures lower then the minimum, from my last Stromlo ride. My bike suffered from two flat tires, both riding double dissolution. Traction didn’t effect my race, only my low energy levels and untrained legs.

A good start to the race! Was in third place for most of the laps, and worked very hard to maintain, what I think is a reasonable speed. Well, for a non-pro.

Sadly my last lap, suffered from leg fatigue and I slowed the pace, dramatically. Heart rate was fine, no pains, my legs couldn’t push the pedals. Its my own fault for being inconsistant over the past three-four months. I guess training does payoff, and this ride proves that.

200 meters from the finish, saw three riders overtake me to leave me at 6th place.

Round 1 Stromlo Forest Park – Western gate

Sport – C Men – 3 laps, 30kms

Placed:6 #279   Jeeten Jinabhai 1.26:08 2.35:33 3.41:10 1:42:51 avg:13.13
Placed:7 #360  Chris Schofield 1.27:36 2.37:02 3.38:32 1:43:10 avg:13.09
Placed:13 #583 Wayne Taylor 1.31:51 2.40:15 3.43:29 1:55:35 avg:11.68

The Daily Grind in Public Transport :(


I’m officially part of the Public Transport Connection.  Will i love it or hate it after a few weeks?

First Day at my new job; Drive to station > Walk 500mts (can’t wait until it rains) > Purchase a ticket > fight my way towards the end of the platform and make my space >

Most people are rather quiet, sad looking and generally seem to have no energy. To no surprise there are those small groups of commuters, who have one loud person. A Girl, talking about her experiences about Facebook. Something about placing photos on her profile and cousins having access to them. Her point was its not funny that they can comment on them and have the ability to judge her! Totally stupid. But, I give her credit for being one of the happier commuters, in conversation.

She obviously was one of the only people in the carriage who spoke. Everyone else was in their own world. MP3 players plugged in, reading a book or playing on the phone. Maybe blogging about other commuters on the journey? I saw two screens of technology. One: a iphone (he was on facebook) two: a laptop user (he was next to me, coding in html about J3hOv@h witness’s and their divorce rates, along with other related issues)35mins later I arrive at my destination. Unfortunately I can’t walk out of the station and into a building, like others. I then have another commute across the Pyrmont Bridge to arrive at my destination. This I admit, is the best part of the journey! Darling Harbour, Pyrmont Bridge,  view of all Sky Scrapers, this a Beautiful City.

Pyrmont Bridge is an interesting battle. Cyclists, and pedestrians, along with an entire range of other forms of travel. Its a real battle as having experienced both from a cyclist and pedestrian perspective.

Firstly pedestrians have no sense of direction and can’t walk in a straight line and some cyclists fly through that area. This normally causes problems and both commutes end up hating each other. I guess that’s why the rangers try to slow the cyclist’s down. And easy solution is to keep the pedestrians to the outer edge and give the cyclists the center. Makes a better solution, then a free for all.

At least my day was good! Nice building, a company who seems to care about their staff (won awards) good people and a motivating vibe.

Come 5:30pm > time to derail for the rail.

Cabello Salon – 6 Gymea Bay Road, Gymea

Visted my mates Hair Salon – – after riding the Awesome trails of Menai.< /P>