CORC – 3.3 2011/2012 Club XC Series


Date – 23.7.2011

Traveled to Canberra to ride Mt Stromlo, and race in CORC’s local mountain bike ride. Called XC 3.3 organised by Kris Nicholls.
With the heavy downpour of rain Sydney had received that week, the local mtb trails would be off limits. I had originally planned to train for the Three Ring Circus at Mt Annan Botanic Gardens. Fortunately, traveling to Canberra is always a pleasure.

Weather was perfect, however Mt Stromlo was very dry and loose under the tires. Wasn’t prepared to lower my tire pressures lower then the minimum, from my last Stromlo ride. My bike suffered from two flat tires, both riding double dissolution. Traction didn’t effect my race, only my low energy levels and untrained legs.

A good start to the race! Was in third place for most of the laps, and worked very hard to maintain, what I think is a reasonable speed. Well, for a non-pro.

Sadly my last lap, suffered from leg fatigue and I slowed the pace, dramatically. Heart rate was fine, no pains, my legs couldn’t push the pedals. Its my own fault for being inconsistant over the past three-four months. I guess training does payoff, and this ride proves that.

200 meters from the finish, saw three riders overtake me to leave me at 6th place.

Round 1 Stromlo Forest Park – Western gate

Sport – C Men – 3 laps, 30kms

Placed:6 #279   Jeeten Jinabhai 1.26:08 2.35:33 3.41:10 1:42:51 avg:13.13
Placed:7 #360  Chris Schofield 1.27:36 2.37:02 3.38:32 1:43:10 avg:13.09
Placed:13 #583 Wayne Taylor 1.31:51 2.40:15 3.43:29 1:55:35 avg:11.68

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