Canberra MTB Trip


Majura Pine Forest – Short easy ride, in the Pines. Extremely Cold riding temperature, and a frozen over dam.


Stromlo Forest – Covered most tracks, again in cold riding temperatures, but,much warmer then Majura Pines as you are exposed to total sunshine  with no tree cover. Sadly got two puntures, so had to walk about 1km back to the car as i had already used my spare tube.

Parramatta to Homebush – return

Date: 11 June 2011

Allan Haddad and Damien Poole, two under 21er olds attended this cycle. Two Bright Boys, who, are great cyclists. Keep up the good work.

Overall, my cycling has taken a fall with lack of training. No running, swimming or riding. Have had a big break, so time to get back into it.

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Stromlo Forest Park Visit

Date – 6.5.2011

Favourite Stromlo Trails

Skyline > RollerCoaster > Luge > Wattle Happen > Little Seymour > Double Dissolution

My last visit to Stromlo saw a Team of Track Builders, working a new circuit. Its finally finished and to my suprise,  is a Dirt Jump Track. A huge Dirt Jump Track, that at first from a distance had me thinking it was a Moto X (motobikes) freestlye course.

Cheers to the Riders who ride this type of course! I’m sure the attached pictures, define the word “HUGE”.

The Mont 24hr MTB Race – 2011 – Kowen Forest, Canberra

Date – April 9th-10April


Photos: Team Shox Squad

Jeeten Jinabhai Mont 24hr 2011

Rene Patt McCann Mont 24hr 2011

Damien Wood Mont 24hr 2011

Vanina Vergoz Mont 24hr 2011





Ride the Cow – The Mont 24hr MTB Race – 2011 – Kowen Forest, Canberra

Friday April 8th 2011

* 0800 Campsite opens for early campers.
* 1000 Course opens for official practice
* 1200 Food Service setting up
* 1400 Registration opens in the ‘Big Marquee’
* 1900 Course officially closed until race starts
* 1800 Entertainment.
* 2200 Registration closes

Saturday April 9th – Race Day 2011

* 0700 Registration opens
* 1000 Registration closes
* 1100 Race Briefing
* 1140 First lap riders move to start chute
* 1157 A short run ensues… and laughter
* 1200 Riders on course for the next 24 hours
* 1500 Kids Race (location TBC)

Sunday April 10th – Race Day 2011

* 1200 – Race Finishes
* 1345 – Last riders off course
* 1400 – Presentations
* 1430 – Pack up, drive home, start planning for 2012…
* 1430 – or stay the night, chill out and then drive home in the morning!!!

Monday April 11th 2011

* Get up, eat a hearty breakfast and head home

Rocky Trail’s SHIMANO MTB Grand Prix Series – Race 1 Mt Annan Botanic Gardens

Training Ride for the 2011 Mont 24hr race – Position: 12/78

Performance was rather average! I had expected a lesser result, as I felt like I was too conservative.  However, being an Endurance type event, this might be the best approach? Need to increase the MTB Riding, and stay off the Road Bike!


Lap # Time Speed #
9 28:26 14.35
8 34:34 11.80
7 27:08 15.04
6 38:57 10.47
5 25:25 16.05
4 27:08 15.04
3 26:58 15.13
2 25:35 15.95
1 26:45 15.25
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2011 Mont 24hr Training Ride

Date – 13.03.2011
2011 Mont 24hr Training Ride

Home, Pyrmont, Maroubra, City and home.

Ride one: Home to Pyrmont Bridge – 1:11:17
Distance: 33,35km/h
Average: 28.09 km/h
Max Speed:45.96km/h
Distance: 7.28km
Max Inclination: 8.00%
Distance: 9.35km
Pyrmont > City > Maroubra > City > Home
Didn’t save the computer setting!!! Can’t just guess this?

WSMTB 4hr Series Round 2

Date – 30.1.2011

Round 2 of the WSMTB Summer Series Race

A perfect summer’s day of racing weather and a huge field of riders, including 73 solo riders. This ride was a training ride in order to decide to take part in the 6+6hr Jet Black. Sadly I had to pull out after suffering from extreme craps in the quads. Didn’t have any magnesium or energy type drinks, as I had decided to use water only. Two breaks and stopping many times on the last few laps, I decided to finish my last lap with 45mins to go. 🙁

Lap # Time Speed #
7 1:02:04 6.77
6 25.38 16.38
5 33.44 12.45
4 22.54 18.34
3 23.50 17.62
2 22.52 17.17
1 24.28 17.17
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Twenty Niner (29er) – Mountain Bikes

Reviewed on a 2008 Avanti Scratch 29er (Fully Rigid)

Frame: Med
Brakes: Avid Juicy 3, 160mm disks
Tyres: Kenda 2.1 Small Block, 34psi
Forks: White Brothers, Rock Solid

Fast, Fast, Fast! Yes, this answers all the myths, if 29ers are actually fast. However, depending on the terrain and your riding style? Bermagui Dirtsurfers Mountain Bike Park is a non-technical trail with several small jumps, plenty of low lined berms, switchbacks, and almost no rocks to dodge. Making this trail a very smooth ride for the Rigid Beauty.

Hill Climbing was the most noticeable difference to a 26inched Bicycle, less effort was needed to maintain speed, similar to the general riding on the 29er.

Braking needs to be improved! Juicy 3 brakes work very well, but, I found braking difficult with the larger diameter wheels. With the Increase of rotating mass, I found myself braking into corners sooner then later. Perhaps a top end brake set might help? I suggest upgrade to the front disk rotor to 185mm disk. This lead me to locking up the rear wheel more frequently, and as we all know, skidding on the trail is illegal. Gone are the days of power slides. (loss of momentum, trail damage and loss of balance, unless done correctly)

Cornering seemed slightly slower (maybe related to the braking issue), can’t really tell? 34psi was in the tyres, and being fully rigid, it still felt too much. 30psi would have been much better, but as this bike runs tubes, there is risk of pinch flats.

Wheelies are easier to hold, as the increased tyre patch on the ground. But, if you’re a wheelie king, then you have nothing to worry about.

Overall, these bikes are Great for smooth XC (Cross Country) Style tracks! I don’t see any Downhillers moving to 29ers in the near future? I still prefer a 26er, as it’s lighter, and slightly quicker in to corners and out of corners .

Niner Air Rigid

Niner Air

Mount Annan Botanic Garden – Mountain Biking

Date – 6/01/2011

Great ride, Great Trail!

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